You may use custom t-shirts to create your brand or to promote your message effectively and efficiently

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People are really passionate about their t-shirts…and with good reason. They are actually wearing your company's advertising message. It’s a tremendous endorsement. In addition, T-shirts typically become a beloved piece of attire for many people. So, if you're looking for a promotional item, try custom t-shirts.

But What Does a Custom T-shirt Cost?

You've got an important point, but it's a difficult one to address. Why?. Because it’s a little like being asked, “How much does a vehicle cost?” There are a plethora of variables to consider. So rather than dodge it, we thought we would spend some time describing a few of the elements that influence the cost of a custom t-shirt, so you determine the sort of shirt you need for your next campaign.

What Kind of Material?

The cost of custom t-shirt might be greatly influenced by the design you select. It’s a vital question for you to grasp since it will eventually play a huge part in whether or not your recipients truly want to wear (or even retain) the shirt.

Cotton Based Custom T-Shirts

This style of shirt is the least expensive and might be excellent when you are in a position where budget is a huge worry. This type of custom t-shirt may express the story of your company while also being long-lasting. Consult Pinehart!

Tri-Blend Custom T-Shirts

These are fantastic clothes to express your narrative, but as you may assume, they do cost more than your conventional 100 percent cotton t-shirt.

Performance Custom T-Shirts

The third sort of t-shirt that is popular is the performance style shirt. This is the type of shirt that you see at local 5K road events and worn (and marketed) by sports teams. To help athletes perform at their best, this high-tech fabric is designed to drain away perspiration and keep the wearer dry. Many of these performance-style shirts even have UV protection built-in as well.

Each of these types of shirts might be suitable depending on the style of marketing or event that you have in mind. But each of these has a distinct pricing point and can have a major effect in what your final shirt cost will be.

How is it Being Customized?

Believe it or not, there are dozens of methods to custom a t-shirt. And depending on whichever path you choose, it might have a tremendous influence on the cost of your project. I'll go through a couple of them in a moment.

Direct To Garment printing (or DTG) may be a magnifcent technique to print t-shirts. Good news! PINEHART IS USING THIS INNOVATION!

How Many Do You Need?

This is an easy one to understand. The quantity of shirts you require will have a considerable influence on the cost of the actual garment. It's a common knowledge... Pinehart has not only this but also is delighted to help without a minimum require. Use t-shirt customizer now! It’s Free to Use.

What Is Your Time Frame for Having Them?

The third aspect we will touch here is speed. How quickly do you need your t-shirts?

Just a few things to think about when shopping for a custom-branded t-shirt for your next marketing campaign. And if it all simply seems too overwhelming, no problem. That is the purpose of our visit. If you need help picking a custom t-shirt, please let us know. Pinehart is delighted to help.

But How Much Do Custom T-Shirt Cost?

Any alteration to these parameters will vary the pricing of the custom t-shirt


100 percent Cotton T-shirt: Based on the PC61 100 percent Cotton T-shirt you should be somewhere between $10.25 and $20.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider. We want you to have the knowledge you need to buy the ideal shirt for your business at the right price. You may also get a custom t-shirt from Pinehart!

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